Implant retained dentures

There is no need to be embarrassed and frustrated by a slipping denture, we can make it work the way it was intended by stabilising it with dental implants.

Increased confidence

We have found that denture wearers often complain about how inefficient dentures are when it comes to chewing and speaking. The movement of the denture often leads to loss of social confidence and this can be difficult to rectify with conventional treatment.

It is possible to secure a denture by clipping it to two or more anchoring implants. This immediately solves any looseness problems.

Maintain facial structures

As well as holding dentures in place, implants can help to maintain your facial structures. They stop the bone in your jaw shrinking away which can create an ageing ‘sucked-in’ appearance.

If you are fed up with loose dentures, want to be able to speak confidently, enjoy your favourite foods again and maintain your facial structure then book a free no-obligation consultation to find out more.

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